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Sunday, January 11th 2009 - Longboards hosts The Devastators

Longboards hosts The Devastators If you love Reggae, good drink specials and a beach bar atmosphere, Longboards is the place you want to be on a Sunday evening. Get there before 9pm for no cover charge. Or come a little later and spend 5 dollars supporting one of San Diego's top bands. The ladder is my recommendation. It is definitely...
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Sunday, July 1st 2007 - The Devastators @ LongBoards

The Devastators @ LongBoards Once again the Devastators backed the house at LongBoards in Pacific Beach this Sunday night. The bar was packed with reggae lovers, Rasta fanatics and huge fans of just having a good time. And what do you drink on Rasta Night? The house special of course; $3 Red Stripes! It’s seriously great beer...
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Sunday, June 24th 2007 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards When Sunday night rolls around and your in the mood for roots, rock, reggae...Longboards is the place to be. Every Sunday night local reggae band The Devastators brings the relaxing, refreshing, reggae vibe to Pacific Beach. Live reggae music, $3 Red Stripes, and a great atmosphere is the best way to...
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Sunday, May 20th 2007 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards Sunday at Longboards in Pacific Beach is best known for its live show by The Devastators, and tonight was no exception. They packed the house with reggae and Rasta fans and got the whole place dancing and moving. And what do you drink on Rasta night? Why the house special, $3 Red Stripes of course! Longboards...
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photo: cristina
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Sunday, March 11th 2007 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards The Devastators, a local Reggae band, were jamming it up again tonight at Longboards in Pacific Beach. From three dollar red stripes, to the good food and great jams; Longboards is always the place to be on a Sunday night. There are always good people dancing on the dance floor and a line out the door....
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photo: rebecca
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Sunday, March 4th 2007 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards Another great Sunday night with The Devastators at Longboards in P.B. Every Sunday $3 Red Stripes and live Reggae music. On Sunday nights The Devastators and the friendly crowd make Longboards a relaxed roots reggae spot.
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Sunday, February 18th 2007 - Devastators @ Longboards

Devastators @ Longboards The Devestators played at Long Boards in pacific Beach tonight just as they do every Sunday night! For a a rainy Sunday the whole place was packed with a line out the door. The beer special is $3.00 Red Stripes. If you want a great place to come listen to some good regae, meet n mingle shake what your...
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photo: rebecca
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Sunday, February 11th 2007 - devastators @longboards

devastators @longboards Long Boards in Pacific Beach is absoulutley z most happening place to be on a Sunday night.. expecially if you love reagea. Every Sunday the Devestators regea band plays the jams of the past, present and off course their very own. You can not help but bob your head to the vibin music and an extra bonus...
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photo: rebecca
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Sunday, February 4th 2007 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards Whether you were rooting for the Colts or the Bears the Devastators united everyone on Super Bowl Sunday at Longboards.Offering friendly vibes and roots, rock, reggae with $3.00 Red Stripes Longboards is a great steal. This laid back venue is the place to wind down the weekend with the great live Reggae...
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photo: jeanette
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Sunday, January 14th 2007 - Longboards

Longboards The Devastators live at Longboards in P.B. with King Cannon spinning on the turntables. Enjoy the relaxed reggae vibe and jam with The Devastators every Sunday night at Longboards.
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Sunday, October 1st 2006 - Longboards Sundays

Longboards Sundays The HOT reggae band, The Devastators, hit it off again at Longboards on Sunday night. As the weekend winds down, listening to sweet reggae hits while sipping a beer is the best way to end the week. Lesson learn on Sunday: Sharing is caring (see the t-shirt in the album). Anne, San Diego will miss you...
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Sunday, September 24th 2006 - The Devastators Longboards

The Devastators Longboards The ultra-hip reggae band the Devastators packed the house on Sunday at Longboards. With $3 imported beer specials, a few cover songs, and the most chill crowd in San Diego, you can't go wrong at this PB watering hole. See the Amazing Geff do his tooth trick--it's really gross yet fascinating. Check...
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Sunday, September 17th 2006 - Longboards Sundays

Longboards Sundays Longboards Sundays knows how to jam out... Come here every Sunday to end a long week, enjoy its laid back atmosphere with friendly bartenders. Longboards has beach décor and mellow music that is great for conversations and mingling all night long. Dance to live reggae music and unwind to the ultra...
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Sunday, September 10th 2006 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards Love Reggae? Sundays at Longboards has a live band, the Devastators, that plays their unique vibes and popular cover songs starting at 10pm. The laid-back atmosphere and the oober-friendly staff really make Longboards a must-see in PB.
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photo: elaine
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Sunday, August 13th 2006 - Reggae Sundays @ Longboards

Reggae Sundays @ Longboards If you're looking for a chill spot with great music, food, and a fun crowd, check out Reggae Night at Longboards in Pacific Beach. You can catch the band The Devastators from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. every Sunday, but be sure to arrive early because this venue often reaches capacity.
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Sunday, July 23rd 2006 - Long Boards Sundays

Long Boards Sundays Hey Beach Bumms you want to know where the place to be on Sundays in Pacific Beach? Only at LongBoards can you listen to this sick up and comin jamin' Reggae Band, Devastators! This laid back crowd sip on there red stripe as they listen to this unique flowin reggae style! If you want to jam to great...
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Sunday, June 11th 2006 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards The Devastators are pro's at keeping a crowd entertained! You're missing out if you haven't checked out Longboards on a Sunday night, where they play every week down in Pacific Beach. With a beach like atmoshere and chill people all around to dance/chat it up with, you can't go wrong at Longboards.
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Sunday, June 4th 2006 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards Longboards is unique in the atmoshere it creates through live reggae music. This hot spot in Pacific Beach is chill and a good end to a day at the beach. With plenty of beautiful people swaying to the rasta beats, this is not a place you want to pass up!
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Sunday, May 21st 2006 - The Devastators @ Longboards

The Devastators @ Longboards Sunday nights are the best time to check out Longboards Bar and Grill. The Devastators put on a show like no other, the reggae beat and charismatic stage performance, gets the entire crowd grooving. With great food, drinks and music, this is definitely the place to spend your Sundays. This week TippaLee...
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Sunday, May 14th 2006 - Reggae Sundays @ Longboards

Reggae Sundays @ Longboards The Devastators played an amazing show Sunday at Longboards and kept the crowd dancing till 1am. There was a line till midnight, but it was worth it to hear the band and enjoy a Red Stripe with friends. Happy Birthday to Billie, and a special thanks to the bouncers who were awesome as always!
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photo: cherise
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